A Warning To All Inventors: Do Not Do Business With Form3. Read Why Many Are Saying The Same...


Form3 and it’s co-founder, herb bentz, are thieves. They will take your money and work on their own ideas, as opposed to what you sign a contractual agreement for them to produce. Be Warned!

My experience is apparently not unique. In my research I have contacted the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to discover there was another compliant against herb bentz and Form3, in recent years. If only I had done the proper research at the time. I could not have imagined such an ordeal, the lies told by herb bentz, the obvious malice within his abusive actions against me, as a client, and is flagrant breach of a signed contractual agreement.

herb bentz and his company Form3, lied to me, maliciously and deliberately. Read for yourself. You be the judge. Seeing Form3 has done all it can to stay out of court.

Be warned. Do not contract Form3 and/or herb bentz. T/he/y will lie to you, insult you, and refuse to build what they are contracted to build.

Full details will be posted on this site. Be warned, there are many ‘good, reputable, decent’ designers in metro Vancouver. Do not risk your Energy or Potential with this disreputable company, Form3 Design. Recognize what I am saying is 100% factual, otherwise they would have pursued legal action long ago.

Their only hope is to dismiss the claims made against them in Supreme Court.

Be warned!! Stay away from Form3 Design in Vancouver. Do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to learn more about their (lack of) professional ethics.

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